Fraser River Water Quality Buoy

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Live Camera 2016-09-24 01:44:26

Environment Canada, in partnership with the BC Ministry of Environment, has deployed a new water quality monitoring and surveillance buoy in the Main Arm of the Fraser River. The buoy has a variety of instrumentation that will collect water quality, water quantity and meteorological information.
The data and information collected are transmitted via cellular telemetry and will be available to the public in real-time on this website.
Water Quality
Observations Value
Turbidity 9.96 NTU
Specific Conductivity 138.46 uS/cm
Water Temperature 14.76 °C
pH 7.85
Dissolved Oxygen 99.43 %
Water Depth and Flow
Observations Value
Water Depth 15.6 m
Stream Velocity 0.00 kn to
Observations Value
Wind Speed 3.6 km/h
Wind Direction
Air Temperature 13 °C
Relative Humdity 100 %
Pressure 1029.3 mb