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Horsefly River above Quesnel Lake (BC08KH0012)

Site Name
Horsefly River above Quesnel Lake
Site Number
Project Name
Long Term Trend Monitoring (PYLTM)
2020-present: Site is approx. 30m u/s of confluence with Rat Creek at the boat launch. Site is located approx. 9km up Horsefly Quesnel Lake Road starting from Clarkes General Store in the town of Horsefly. Marking on pole near site is 86. 2006-2020: Site is located at district lot 8272, downstream of the Town of Horsefly. Site is accessed 15.3 km down Horsefly Quesnel Lake Road. Turn right at sign that reads 'Private Property' and '166' on telephone pole. Take driveway to river; site is located to the right of picnic table (lat: 52.44794 long:-121.41866)
Federal-Provincial Monitoring Station
Active Indicator
Date Created
2006-04-25 17:06:38
Oldest Sample Date
2006-05-11 13:07:00 PST
Latest Sample Date
2023-08-27 09:40:00 PST
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Variable Groups

Biota (3)
Calculated Quantities (1)
Calculated Quantities (2)
Carbon (4)
Descriptive (1)
Ions, Major Ions (11)
Ions, Major Ions (2)
Metals, Dissolved (36)
Metals, Extractable (34)
Metals, Total (40)
Nitrogen (10)
Oxygen (1)
Phosphorus (4)
Physicals (16)
Sulphur (1)